MCT Oil – Organic Coconut

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Closely monitoring your body’s health? Prasada Organic Coconut MCT Oil is a flavorless oil made from 100% certified organic coconuts and it’s easily stirred into your morning coffee or drizzled over a lunchtime salad.

Contains 14g MCTs per serving:

C6           Caproid Acid       0.1g

C8           Caprylic Acid      7.7g

C10         Capric Acid          6.1g

C12         Lauric Acid          .1g


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MCT Oil is a flavorless oil made from 100% certified organic coconuts. It contains 98% medium-chain triglycerides — energy-dense fatty acids. Contains 14g MCTs per serving.



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Characteristics, Benefits, & Risks

MCT Oil is an unflavored oil that contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). As with any fat source, moderating your daily intake of it may help avoid potential health risks. MCT oil is not intended to be used for cooking.


MCT Oil is a man-made oil crafted by using distillation, a process that separates lower-melting-point triglycerides from higher ones. To create Prasada Organic Coconut MCT Oil, MCTs are extracted and isolated from the pulp of 100% certified organic coconuts — always without additives or chemical treatments of any kind.


Prasada Organic Coconut MCT Oil contains 98% medium-chain triglycerides: medium-length fatty acids made up of 6 to 12 carbon atoms. In addition to traces of caproid acid (C6) and lauric acid (C12), our MCT oil contains 7.7g of caprylic acid (C8) and 6.1g of capric acid (C10) per serving, both of which have been associated with specific benefits to the body.

2 reviews for MCT Oil – Organic Coconut

  1. Ashley

    “Love this oil in my smoothies. I love this product. I have never used MTC oil before but on a friends urging I tried it. I use it in my morning smoothie. It helps curb my appetite and gives me the energy to make it to lunch. I started with half a cap full and have worked up to a full cap. This week I plan to use it sautéing some vegetables!” – Ashley (Verified Amazon Customer)

  2. Shuazimodo

    “Flavorless, perfect for smoothies. I had read about MCT Oil and wanted to give it a go to help out my joints (turns out they start getting creaky as you grow older). I am glad I went with this option – it pours really well (no drips, yay), has no flavor, and isn’t in a super heavy or awkward bottle. I’ve been putting it in smoothies, along with some collagen powder, and also tried bulletproof coffee. Working well so far! Will definitely re-up once I’m done with this bottle.” – Shuazimodo (Verified Amazon Customer)

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