Fine Whole Wheat Flour

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We have hand-picked a select blend of wheat from the Pacific Northwest to have milled into our high-quality baking staple flours that are essential for everyone’s pantry.

Prasada’s high quality, fine whole wheat flour has a pale brown appearance and a rich, nutty flavor. Prasada Whole Wheat Flour provides some color, nutrients, and texture to your baked goods.

Ideal for a hearty or whole wheat bread, muffin, and other recipes. Can also be blended with all-purpose flour to even out texture for other baking items like biscuits, cakes and cookies, pasta, and pastries. Let your taste buds inspire you.

At Prasada, we search for growers that share our views on sustainability, are good stewards of the land, and provide us with natural ingredients.  Whether you’re new to the Prasada family of products or a returning customer, we invite you to explore the full range of our tasty choices.


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