Dried Naked Mangoes

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A Snack with the Bare Minimum

If you like your snacks au naturel, Prasada’s Dried Naked Mango has you (un)covered. Velvety slices of premium Philippine mango are prepared with minimal ingredients, so you can enjoy their tangy sweetness exactly as it was meant to be. Mid-day or post-meal, you’ll find they’ll quickly become your favorite naked nibble.

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Additional information

Family Farmed

The mangoes we choose for our specialty dried mango line come from a single family farm. Prasada provides these farmers education, expertise, and engineering to help them do things more efficiently; we trust them to provide excellent produce and a demonstrated commitment to current food safety standards and sustainable growing practices.

Single Origin

Prasada’s mangoes are picked fresh from a single region in Southeast Asia. This allows us to maintain availability and protect the quality of our produce to ensure that customers receive a consistent product. For everything we sell, we’re committed to discovering the best, most sustainable, and most reliable sources.


  1. M Fuller

    These are by very far the BEST dried mango slices I have ever had (I’m 75, so have had a lot); however, even tho chili is listed in the ingredients, I could taste absolutely NONE. So, do I give 5 stars for being excellent mango? Or 0 stars for not having any chili?

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