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Cocotillas – Sea Salt


A Gluten-Free, Grain-Free Tortilla Chip

Tortilla chips are a long-standing snacking tradition. But if you’re watching your carbs, vegan, or kosher, your options are limited. Until now: Prasada’s new Cocotillas® tortilla chips are made from organic coconut flour, so they’re lower in carbs and sodium and higher in iron than their traditional counterparts — and they’re gluten-free! Crisp, light, and made with six or fewer ingredients, they’re the manifestation of what tortilla chips always dreamed they could be. So go ahead. Indulge. Whether you favor our Sea Salt or new Sea Salt with Lime flavor, Prasada’s Cocotillas® are sure to scratch your snacking itch.

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Additional information

Greatness from Less Ingredients™

With no more than six ingredients — organic coconut flour, organic non-GMO corn, guar gum, organic coconut oil, and sea salt — Cocotillas® are proof that fewer ingredients add up to a better-tasting product. Absent are the artificial colors, flavors, additives, and preservatives you’d find in conventional tortilla chips. Ours are just the plain stuff: ingredients you can identify that come together to create a delicious, grain-free, gluten-free chip.


Our way of making Cocotillas® tortilla chips isn’t complicated. A small handful of organic ingredients (coconut flour and coconut oil, plus organic non-GMO corn) are combined and pressed into crispy, snappy chips. It’s that simple. No additives — ever.

Nutritional Content

Cocotillas® tortilla chips are naturally gluten- and cholesterol-free. A 28g serving (about 10 chips) contains 7g of fat, 14% of the daily value (DV) of sodium, 6% DV of potassium and iron, and 20% DV of dietary fiber. It also contains 2g of protein and 2g of sugars, and provides just 6% DV of carbohydrates.


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