Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

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From the Palm Tree to Your Pantry

Pressed from the fruit of the coconut palm, Prasada Organic Virgin Coconut Oil offers a delicious alternative to traditional culinary oils. Try swapping it for butter in baking, glazing a tablespoon over vegetables before roasting, or heated in a skillet for your favorite fried chicken. Lightly fragrant with just a hint of coconuts, it’s versatile and crowd-pleasing, with a 350ºF smoke point that’s ideal for any application.

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Characteristics, Benefits & Risks

Prasada Organic Virgin Coconut Oil begins life in the Philippines, inside the drupes of the common palm known as the “Coconut from the Indies." Long the favorite of the Polynesian and South Pacific cuisines, it's a versatile oil, solid at room temperature, that melts at 76ºF and performs well in baking frying, sautéing, roasting, and grilling. Slightly sweet, it's the perfect oil to substitute in your pancake or waffle recipes, or with scrambled eggs. Its smoke point is 350ºF.

Extracting Oil

Our coconut oil undergoes a "dry-process" extraction in which the endosperm of the coconut is extracted, then heated to create copra, the dried coconut kernels that contain the coconut oil.


Refining is achieved by extracting the oil from the copra by pressing and heating it with a hydraulic press. The oil is then further heated and filtered for clarity in its liquid form. Prasada uses an RBD refining process to refine, bleach, and deodorize the extracted coconut oil, which removes excess coconut taste and aroma.

Household Uses

Besides its versatility as a cooking oil, coconut oil is also used for hair grooming and moisturizing of the skin. It can be used for conditioning wooden cutting boards and utensils as well as to season cast-iron cookware.

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