Organic Coconut Butter

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A Cholesterol-Free Butter Substitute

Created from the meat of raw, organic coconuts, Prasada Organic Coconut Butter is a luscious, low-sodium, cholesterol-free alternative to dairy butter. Its mild coconut flavor and rich, creamy texture make it an easy swap with your normal butter choice; try it melted into a cookie recipe, blended into a smoothie, or spread on a slice of your favorite bread. Its 350º high smoke point makes coconut oil ideal for quick sautéing or roasting.

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Characteristics and Benefits

Spreadable with the consistency of peanut butter, coconut butter is white in color and solid at room temperature. It can be used as a butter replacement in cooking, in shampoos for grooming and conditioning, and as a moisturizer for skin. For cooking, coconut butter has smoke point of 350º and adds coconut flavor to any dish.


Coconut butter is made by pureeing meat from the endocarp — the layer closest to the seed — of the coconut drupe (nut). Because this requires no additional ingredients or processing, coconut butter retains the fats and nutritional content found in the coconut.

Nutritional Content

Made from the whole coconut, 1T of coconut butter contains approximately 9g of saturated fat and 1g each of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat.

Bottle Size

16oz, 52oz


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