Culinary Oils

Prasada’s culinary oils offer today’s cooks a full range of kitchen options. From sautéing to deep-frying, drizzling to dressing, you’ll find an ideal oil for every dish!

Baking Icon Prasada

Coconut Products

For smart alternatives to traditional baking ingredients, Prasada has you covered. Our new gluten- and dairy-free options are your secret to creating great-tasting bakeables everyone can eat!



Plump and velvety, our dried mangoes are something special. Whether you prefer plain, sweetly spicy, or drizzled with dark chocolate, we’ve got you covered!

Snacks Chips Prasada


Tired of the same old snacks? Prasada’s new line of between-meal treats offer smarter nibbling options, including Cocotillas® — light, crispy tortilla chips made from coconut flour.


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