Dried Chili Spiced Mangoes


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Spice Up Your Snacking Life

Overview: Prasada’s Dried Chili Mango achieves the nearly impossible: marrying the sweet tartness — or is it tart sweetness? — of thick, dried mango slices with the peppery zing of ground chilies. Wow! A tasty pairing that’s result is adventurous and oh-so welcome!

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Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 9 in
Sweet & Spicy

Prasada’s Dried Chili Mango achieves the almost impossible, marrying the sweet tartness of plump, dried mango with the zing of ground chilies. It’s quite a complement! We start with premium dried mango slices, then roll them in a special mix of ingredients. The result? A sensational taste that will become your favorite blend of sweet and spicy.

Family Farmed

The mangoes we choose for our specialty dried mango line come from a single family farm. Prasada provides these farmers education, expertise, and engineering to help them do things more efficiently; we trust them to provide excellent produce and a demonstrated commitment to current food safety standards and sustainable growing practices.

Low Sugar

Mangoes have just 15g of natural sugar per serving.

Single Origin

Prasada’s mangoes are picked fresh from a single region in Southeast Asia. This allows us to maintain availability and protect the quality of our produce to ensure that customers receive a consistent product. For everything we sell, we’re committed to discovering the best, most sustainable, and most reliable sources.