Natural Foods Inspired by Our Customers

A trusted natural foods company based in the Pacific Northwest, Prasada offers smart choices for choosy food enthusiasts. From fine kitchen oils and 100% organic coconut products to premium dried fruits and uncommon snacks, we’re building a family of foods we love — and we think you will, too.

Selected from all over the world, our products reflect our core values:

Fair pricing

Prasada’s high-quality food options provide excellent value for our customers.

Responsible, holistic sourcing

We ensure that our products are grown, picked, processed, and shipped responsibly.

Commitment to quality

If a product bears the Prasada label, you know it’s the best we’ve found.

Human relationships

At Prasada, human relationships are at the core of everything we do. We spend time with our farmers and people who help bring our products to you. We work directly with them on issues we’re all concerned about: sustainable farming and fair trade practices, social responsibility, and providing high-quality food.

Responsible and Committed

Whether you’re new to the Prasada family or a returning customer, we invite you to explore the full range of our tasty, innovative food choices.

Working together with the planet, we’re committed to connecting you with the best that nature has to offer because when it comes to family, nothing else will ever be as important.


Natural Foods Inspired by Our Customers

We believe in continuously improving our natural products and pushing the boundaries with new, all-natural food innovations.  We take time to research and test quality, simple ingredients you use at home.

Unlike big food companies, Prasada works directly with farmers and suppliers to make sure you get the quality ingredients, you want, quickly and easily. Our passion for all-natural food products finds us digging in the dirt when it’s called for.

We believe in creating all-natural organic cooking oils, gluten free baking ingredients and healthy snacks. What’s on your wish list? What kind of organic foods are you craving? How can we help you stock your pantry? Let us know. Let us know.


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